In the past decade we have had the opportunity to manufacture several different types of products in many different markets.


Aragon Elastomers has been formulating and casting polyurethanes for nearly 20 years in Colorado. R&D of proprietary formulations is the cornerstone and catalyst for many foundation products. Aragon manufactures over 90% of the elastomeric climbing holds in the USA for leading industry climbing hold brands as well as several other sports related and industrial products - PU wheels, mining parts, custom cast polyurethanes, PU molds, recoil pads, a unique and eco-friendly mold making material for the concrete industry, etc.

Since the inception of Aragon in 1998 by polyurethane chemist Chuck Demarest, Aragon has become a leader in climbing holds manufacturing. Chuck Demarest, former President of the Polyurethane Manufacturing Association (PMA), inventor of polyurethane roller technology for IBM printers and the Kryptonics skate wheels, has been an innovative thought leader in the polyurethane arena his whole career. Being a mountaineer and long-time member of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group living in Boulder, Colorado, Chuck was bound to find his way into the climbing industry. In 2002, Aragon began work with eGrips, a climbing hold company based in Boulder, and invented the best polyurethane formula to hit the climbing hold industry.

Aragon was acquired in 2010 by The Hanson Group, LLC. This acquisition created an even stronger force behind the Aragon chemical expertise. The Hanson Group specializes in polyurethanes and polyurea technology. They bring not only strength in knowledge but additional offerings to the climbing industry. A new spray applied, safety padded climbing wall concept is being rolled out in 2018. Their partners in the playground market have opened doors for incorporating polyurea technology on climbing walls and other surfaces. The Hanson Group has expanded the products and services available to the climbing industry.


Marci Seidel
Vice President, Aragon Division

Marci has over 25 years of customer service and business management experience, with over 14 years in the polyurethane field. Marci's forethought and understanding of the markets Aragon Elastomers serves has helped the company become a leader in product innovation and overall customer satisfaction.

Mike Oseth
Chemical Engineer

Michael started at Aragon Elastomers in 2012 under founder Chuck Demarest in the research and development side of urethane manufacturing. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in chemical engineering with an emphasis in material engineering. Michael has experience in product development with basic formulation in the lab, to pilot production, to full scale manufacturing.  Mike is now in the Atlanta office of parent company The Hanson Group.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a graduate of the University of Colorado, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Chris joined Aragon Elastomers in 2010 working as the plant manager and engineer. Some of his responsibilities include improving the plants efficiencies, new product development, and 3D CAD design.

Aziz Adilov

Aziz Adilov, has more than 10 years of progressive accounting and financial experience working in various companies in Denver metro area and overseas.
With strong knowledge of cash and accrual accounting systems, Aziz has been responsible for managing accounting and finances in retail, property management, construction management and manufacturing industries. He has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation, budgeting, accounting and control. Aziz is heavily involved in maintaining various ERP systems throughout his career.
In 2013, Aziz joined Aragon Elastomers helping the company with transformation and growth.
Aziz Adilov holds a Master of Business Administration and B.A. degree in International Business from Colorado Heights University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Tashkent State Technical University.

Tyler Anderson
Molding Manager

Tyler is Aragon Elastomer’s molding manager. He currently oversees the production of all climbing hold molds as well as all mass produced pre-polymers. He also assists with day-to-day operations from minor maintenance issues to general plant organization.
Tyler has over 10 years of combined manufacturing and customer service experience along with a 4 year visual arts degree.

Patrick Ryan
Order Fulfillment Manager

Patrick Ryan, with more than 7 years of customer service experience, is the Order Fulfillment Manager at Aragon Elastomers.
In this role, Patrick coordinates a team providing all aspects of order fulfillment, including purchase order receiving, production scheduling, packaging, shipping and customer service.
Before joining Aragon Elastomers in 2010, Patrick worked for a diverse range of organizations, including small business startups, large corporations and private/government healthcare agencies.

Chuck Demarest

Chuck is a Polymer Scientist and Physicist. Over the last 44 years, Chuck has held positions of director, president, founder, vice president of research and development, treasurer, investor, and advisor to manufacturing companies, technology businesses, nonprofit and trade associations, and the U.S. government.

In 40+ years of work with polyurethane foams and elastomers, Mr. Demarest has created over 2,000 polyurethane formulations for purposes as varied as artificial hands for amputees, skateboard wheels, shock absorbers for bicycle forks, and ski boots. He has been sought as a consultant to assist with a wide variety of challenging engineering issues related to elastomers, from acoustics, to environmental concerns, to unique strength opportunities provided by certain formulations.

Sue Aragon

As our former Lab Manager Sue had 40 years of experience and expert knowledge in bringing polyurethane formulas to life. She was at the forefront of all developments for Aragon Elastomers over the last 15 years and was a leader in research and development with Kryptonics. With her technical skill and creative energy it is no surprise where our name comes from!  Sue retired in 2016.