Has the expertise and ingenuity to design and develop a liquid polyurethane system that will be successful for your application. Aragon has several current systems available that can meet your needs and if there is further development involved we have the technology and testing facilities capable to meet all of your needs.


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Custom Systems

Aragon Elastomers private label systems come in a variety of durometers and physical properties.  If you are looking for a soft tough polyurethane up to a harder polyurethane, harder than a rock, Aragon has the system and if you need adjustments because we make the product we can make those adjustments for you.  Aragon Elastomers is a leading innovator in new polyurethanes and polyurethane systems. Please contact us for specific needs.


FortiMold & FortiSpray

The FortiMold™ system, is a more cost-effective option than silicone molds, and the FortiSpray™ 914 system is an innovative spray that creates molds in minutes versus hours.

The FortiMold™ system is toughened, self-releasing polyurethane for concrete and urethane molds. The toughened molds are ideal for multiple releases and are available in different strengths - most popular being SX30 (30 shoreA), SX40 (40 shoreA) and SX50 (50 shoreA).

The FortiSpray™ 914 system is a new fast set sprayable two component 70A elastomer designed for industrial concrete mold making applications and similar thermoset products. The high pressure spray system allows optimum material control and creates cost-effective molds in a fraction of the normal lead times, dramatically decreasing direct costs in labor and material by up to 75 percent. FortiSpray™ 914 can be used over a wide variety of masters such as stone, concrete, plaster, plastic, wood or metal.

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, The Hanson Group specializes in raw materials for coatings, adhesives and plastics, as well as casting polyurethanes with their company Aragon Elastomers and epoxy and polyurethane/polyurea coatings with their company Visuron.